Oxford Crematorium

Oxford Crematorium has been serving the local community for decades since 1939. Located on Bayswater Road, Headington, the crematorium building is situated on a site that covers 22 acres, just outside the city of Oxford. Owned by Dignity Plc, the crematorium features two chapels which have been designed to accommodate large or small congregations. A waiting room is also available onsite if you arrive early. Funeral services can be planned to reflect any type of service including religious or non-religious and it can accommodate religious customs or traditions as required. The gardens of remembrance offer some comfort to the bereaved, creating a peaceful environment in which to reflect and remember the life of loved ones. A range of memorial options are available at the crematorium including private gardens, wall tablets and roses. Parking is available on site for 100 vehicles and there are 3 disabled parking bays.
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Contact information

Bayswater Road, Headington, Headington, OX3 9RZ
Telephone 0186 535 1010

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