Isle of Wight Crematorium

Located in a rural woodland setting, the Isle of Wight Crematorium hopes to provide a place of quiet reflection and contemplation for the bereaved. The crematorium is managed by the Isle of Wight Council and has been open since July 1961. The Chapel is an elegant yet simple design and can seat approximately 120 people with additional room for attendees to stand during the service. A music console and electric organ are available to provide musical accompaniment to the cremation service. The crematorium have paid particular attention to the requirements of the disabled with a hearing loop system and disabled access. Services at the crematorium are designed to be as unique and personalised as possible, reflecting the wishes of the deceased and their family. You are welcome to plan your own service and the staff at the crematorium will work incredibly hard to accommodate as many of your requirements as they can.
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Contact information

Whippingham, East Cowes, PO32 6NJ
Telephone 0198 388 2288

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