Kettering Crematorium

Kettering Crematorium has been providing cremation services since May 1940 and in the years that followed, the crematorium has conducted more than 120,000 cremations. The crematorium is situated in extensive grounds and there are two chapels which can be booked for the cremation service. The Albert Munn Chapel is part of the original building opened in 1940 and it still retains many of the original features. This chapel is the smaller of the two and can accommodate up to 65 mourners with additional standing room. Service times begin at 9:15am with a 45 minute period allocated to each booking. The actual cremation service is 30 minutes. The second chapel is the Edgar Newman Chapel which was reopened in 2014 following substantial improvement work to create a contemporary, bright space. This is the largest of the two chapels with seating for 137 and extra standing room. Service times begin at 9am and run throughout the day, every 45 minutes, allowing for a service of 30 minutes to take place.
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Contact information

Rothwell Road, Kettering, NN16 8XE
Telephone 0153 652 5722

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