Parc Gwyn Crematorium

Parc Gwyn Crematorium has been open since 1968 following increased demand for cremation services in the local area. Since it opened, the crematorium has expertly managed more than 40,000 cremations. The crematorium site includes extensive gardens which have been carefully designed to fit in with the rolling Pembrokeshire countryside. Currently owned by Pembrokeshire County Council, the site has been made accessible for wheelchair users both inside the crematorium and outdoors in the gardens of remembrance. The Chapel of Remembrance is situated at the opposite end of the crematorium building away from the main chapel, providing a place to remember loved ones and view the Book of Remembrance. Funeral services take place between the hours of 9:15am and 4pm at 45 minute intervals. Saturday services are available for a small additional fee. Services are both respectful and simple, whether they are religious or non religious.
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Narberth, Narberth, SA67 8UD
Telephone 0183 486 0622

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