North Devon Crematorium

Opened in 1966, North Devon Crematorium is the only facility of its kind in the North Devon area. The buildings are located within a beautiful natural environment amongst a colourful collection of roses and shrubs, providing a fitting place to remember and reflect. Cremation services take place throughout the day and they have been planned 40 minutes apart, allowing plenty of time for the service. There are two chapels that are available, the Aspen Chapel which has seating for 72 mourners and the newest building, Rowan Chapel which is designed for larger funerals, accommodating a congregation of more than 250 people. There is also a private viewing room to the side of the chapel. If you arrive early for the service, you can wait in waiting rooms which are located in each of the chapels. Following the service, a number of memorials are available at the crematorium from plaques through to traditional rose bushes and a range of bespoke, personalised options.
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Old Torrington Road, Barnstaple, EX31 3NW
Telephone 0127 134 5431

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