East Devon Crematorium

As one of the newest facilities in the South West, East Devon Crematorium is located in a beautiful setting between Exeter and Honiton, just off the A30 Daisymount junction. The crematorium serves quite a large area of West Dorset and East Devon. A contemporary building with a single chapel is situated within landscaped memorial gardens which blend in with the woodland beyond. Although the crematorium is relatively new, it is expertly managed by a team who have more than 50 years experience in the delivery of professional cremation services. East Devon Crematorium is what is known as a non-denominational crematorium and can accommodate many different types of service to reflect traditions, customs and religions. The chapel currently has options for 30 minute and 45 minute service times throughout the day and it has seating for 95 mourners although it can accommodate up to 105. If you have friends or family who cannot make the service in person, you can arrange for the service to be webcasted securely over the internet.
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Contact information

London Road, Strete Ralegh, Whimple, EX5 2PT
Telephone 0140 482 3017

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