Masonhill Crematorium

Maintained by the South Ayrshire Council, Masonhill Crematorium is set within seven acres of countryside not far from the eastern edge of Ayr town. Built by the community in 1966, this crematorium has been serving the community for the past 30 years. It features an impressive chapel that is beautifully decorated and able to seat up to 155 people with more standing. There is also the ability to use the large and comfortable waiting room if required. The grounds around the chapel are tended to by dedicated staff who are there to ensure that it looks its best at all times. Not only well maintained, there are also a number of memorial options that you can consider if you want to remember your loved one. This includes benches, plaques, shrubs, trees and rosebuds too.
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Contact information

Off A70, By Ayr, KA6 6EN
Telephone 0129 226 6051

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