The Linn Crematorium

The Linn Crematorium is owned and managed by Glasgow City Council and it is a crematorium that can be used by everyone, whether you have a religion or not. The crematorium opened in 1962 and is managed in partnership with the other crematorium in Glasgow, Daldowie. The crematorium has chapels designed to meet the requirements of bereaved families and can accommodate both small and large congregations. Service times are currently one hour but this does include time at the beginning and end of the service to arrive and depart. A Vivedia Music System is provided within the chapel which can provide tributes, music and web casting facilities. Services can be recorded or web casted and a range of visual tributes can be arranged if sufficient notice is provided. Music is provided free of charge but a small fee is incurred for web casting, visual tributes or recordings.
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Contact information

Lainshaw Dr, Glasgow, G45 9SP
Telephone 0141 287 3973

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