Lincoln Crematorium

Lincoln Crematorium on Washingborough Road, Lincoln provides cremation services each weekday from Monday to Friday. Opened in 1968, the crematorium has been providing a range of funeral services ever since. There are beautifully landscaped grounds which feature a peaceful and tranquil garden of remembrance. Within the main crematorium building you will find the chapel where funeral services are held. Facilities include a waiting room to use if you arrive early before the service, a vestry, public reception and induction loop system. Services can be personalised to suit the requirements of the family. There are religious symbols located at various points in the Chapel and these can be removed if required prior to a service. The Chapel also has facilities to play special musical requests through its music system allowing you to play tapes or CDs in tribute to a loved one. There are parking facilities on site but visitors are reminded that these can get quite busy when there are multiple services taking place.
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Contact information

Washingborough Road, Lincoln, LN4 1EF
Telephone 0152 287 3646

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