Bretby Crematorium

Situated in a quiet woodland setting next to the A511 Leicester to Burton Upon Trent Road, Bretby Crematorium provides a quiet place for remembrance and contemplation. The crematorium has two chapels which can be used for services. Each of the chapels has its own waiting room and dedicated area for floral tributes. The grounds surrounding the crematorium are well maintained and the owners aim to keep the area as natural looking as possible. There are no plaques displayed, memorial stones or rose beds. Each year the crematorium provides a carol service where family and friends can gather to remember loved ones. The main type of memorial at Bretby crematorium is the Book of Remembrance. Every memorial is added to the book by a calligrapher and the Book is on display throughout the year in its own purpose built chapel. The grounds and Book of Remembrance are open every day of the year.
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Contact information

Geary Lane, Bretby, Burton-on-Trent, DE15 0QE
Telephone 0128 322 1505

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