Leicester Crematorium

Gilroes Crematorium has been open since 1902 and it is the second oldest municipal crematorium anywhere in the UK and since it opened it has managed more than 200,000 cremations. The crematorium aims to create a dignified setting for funeral services in peaceful surroundings which are designed to address all requirements. Service times are available throughout the day between 8:30am and 4pm and they run for approximately one hour. If additional time is required, this can be arranged. Saturday mornings can also be accommodated on request but this will incur an additional fee. The crematorium has seating for up to 100 people with additional seating room in each viewing room to the side of the chapel. The chapels are non-denominational meaning that all types of religions can hold a cremation service in suitable surroundings. The chapel has a Wesley Music System containing more than 100,000 music tracks which are available free of charge.
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Groby Road, Leicester, LE3 9QG
Telephone 0116 299 5522

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