The Counties Crematorium

The Lord Bishop of Peterborough opened The Counties Crematorium in July 1939. Located on Towcester Road, Milton Malsor, The Counties Crematorium is currently owned by Dignity Plc. The Chapel at the crematorium features traditional wooden pews and there is a resident organist who is available for funeral services if this is required. Alternatively you may wish to provide your own music collection if provided on CD or there is an electronic music system available in the crematorium if you would like to use this. The chapel also has a PA system allowing you to create a personalised service featuring music, readings and more. The tranquil memorial gardens outside of the crematorium offer a peaceful place to remember loved ones long after the cremation service has taken place. The memorials are offered on a lifetime basis and there are a range of options available.
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Contact information

Towcester Road, Milton Malsor, Northampton, NN4 9RN
Telephone 0160 485 9087

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