Kent & Sussex Crematorium

Found in Royal Tunbridge Wells, the Kent and Sussex Crematorium boasts a beautiful setting and a stunning building. Opened in 1958, the building and grounds have been improved and developed over the years. Within the crematorium there is one chapel and is able to hold up to 90 people seating. There is also space for an additional 30 people standing. The chapel is able to hold services for all sects and denominations and there is the option to remove any religious symbols or icons. The chapel is able to cater to disabled visitors as well as those that are hard of hearing. As well as the chapel there is also a room that holds the Books of Remembrance and a court which will allow mourners to look at the floral dedications that have been left to the deceased.
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Contact information

Benhall Mill Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5JJ
Telephone 0189 252 3984

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