Medway Crematorium

Medway Crematorium has been serving the local community and surrounding area since it opened in 1959. Currently owned and managed by Medway Council, the staff at the crematorium are extremely committed to maintaining and continually improving the facilities available on the site to provide a calming, dignified and peaceful environment both during and after the cremation service. The crematorium is situated within a 14 acre site which incorporates shrub beds, formal planting and woodland as well as large, imposing trees which have been in existence for hundreds of years. The crematorium has two chapels, each of which are a mirror image of the other. One is decorated in blue and the other decorated in pink. The seats are comfortable and set out in rows of four. Families are encouraged to contribute to the service choosing music, readings and more to really make each service both personalised and unique.
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Contact information

Robin Hood Lane, Blue Bell Hill, Chatham, ME5 9QU
Telephone 0163 433 7744

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