Surrey & Sussex Crematorium

Surrey and Sussex Crematorium has been providing cremation services since 1956. The crematorium building is situated within extensive grounds covering 13 acres. A cremation service should be unique and tailored to meet the requirements of the deceased and their family. There are two chapels located at Surrey and Sussex Crematorium which provide facilities for small or large funeral services. Both of the chapels allow you to play music via CD or tape during the service which is allocated a period of 45 minutes. Services run throughout the day. The crematorium is also well equipped for disabled access and services can be arranged to reflect cultural and/or religious needs. Beyond the crematorium building are the peaceful remembrance gardens which have been carefully landscaped and well maintained offering families a peaceful place to remember loved ones. A number of personalised memorials are available from rose bushes through to private gardens.
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Balcombe Road, Crawley, RH10 3NQ
Telephone 0129 388 2345

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