Jersey Crematorium

Located in St. Helier, Jersey Crematorium is one that is able to offer a peaceful and dignified setting to say goodbye to your loved ones in the Jersey area. The crematorium is currently managed by the States of Jersey and it features all of the facilities that you would expect from a modern crematorium. In addition, it is situated in an ideal setting to organise a service that is fitting for the person who is being cremated. With a variety of memorials and plenty of space to hold a service, here you can organise a service for a number of faiths due to the non-denominational nature of the chapel. There is a standard length of service, however, if you need a longer service then this can be organised but you may be asked to pay an additional fee for an extension.
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Contact information

2 Westmount Road, St Helier, JE2 3LP
Telephone 0153 444 4880

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