Hastings Crematorium

Hastings Crematorium has been serving the local community for many years and is located within Hastings Cemetery covering a vast area of 87 acres. The cemetery enjoys beautiful views over Rye Bay and the Sussex Weald. The crematorium opened in 1956 and has recently undergone a series of improvements. The crematorium provides non-denominational services in their chapel, accommodating all beliefs, customs and traditions. The chapel can seat just over 80 mourners with an overflow area providing additional standing room for larger congregations. Services can be tailored to meet your requirements and they are always planned with dignity and respect to accommodate requirements of the deceased. Services can include both music and readings. Once the service has concluded there are many different memorial options to celebrate the life of a loved one including memorial seats, plaques, trees and shrubs and the Book of Remembrance.
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Contact information

The Cemetery/The Ridge, Hastings, TN34 2AE
Telephone 0142 445 1057

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