Great Yarmouth Crematorium

For more than 50 years, Great Yarmouth Crematorium has been providing dignified cremation services. Today, funeral services vary considerably in terms of their content and the way in which they are delivered. A cremation service provides the opportunity to remember a loved one and for family and friends to gather and remember at a time of immense loss and sadness. The service at the crematorium can be scheduled for a maximum of 50 minutes which does include time after the service. You may choose from a range of options including a full service or a brief service depending on your specific requirements. Families are encouraged to make the service personalised by playing meaningful music or hymns using the Wesley Music System. Family or friends are also welcome to carry out readings throughout the service if required.
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Magdalen Cemetery, Oriel Avenue, Gorleston, NR31 7JJ
Telephone 0149 344 1974

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