Garden of England Crematorium

Constructed by the London Cremation Company Plc, The Garden of England Crematorium opened in August 2003, and is currently owned by the Cremation Society of Great Britain. The Chapel at the crematorium has been skilfully designed to overlook the pond and wild flower meadow and the views change from season to season. The comfortable chapel has seating for up to 110 people but for larger congregations the chapel has its own lobby featuring loudspeakers and a viewing screen allowing the service to be broadcast to additional attendees. There is disabled parking on site and an induction loop system for those with hearing impairments. The owners of the crematorium are constantly making improvements to the site to make it even more user friendly and accessible for all.
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Contact information

Sheppey Way, Sittingbourne, ME9 8GZ
Telephone 0179 543 2370

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