Eltham Crematorium

Within Royal Greenwich there is just one crematorium called Eltham Crematorium. The owners, Eltham Crematorium Joint Committee received a gold award in 2014 from the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. There are two chapels at the crematorium and a garden of remembrance. Funeral services take place Monday to Friday, with the first service taking place at 9am and the last service at 3:30pm. The original chapel, known as the West Chapel opened in 1956. The North Chapel was opened in 1975 and seats 100 people with further room for 100 people standing. The West Chapel has seating for 78 and standing room for 50. The funeral service is allocated a total of 45 minutes allowing for a 30 minute service and 15 minutes either side to enter and leave the chapel. If you require additional time this can be arranged on request, provided that sufficient notice is given.
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Contact information

Crown Woods Way, Eltham, SE9 2AZ
Telephone 020 8850 7046

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