Hither Green Crematorium

Lewisham Crematorium, also known as Hither Green Crematorium has been providing cremation services for a number of years for residents in the surrounding area. Located on Verdant Lane, the crematorium provides a peaceful and welcoming place to say your final goodbyes to a loved one. There is a traditional chapel located at the crematorium where cremation services are held. Each cremation service is tailored to suit the requirements of the deceased and their family, including music, readings and traditional hymns. Disabled access is available in the chapel and there is a portable hearing loop. If any member of the congregation is disabled, the crematorium staff will ensure that their needs are attended to before, during and after the service. A funeral service should be unique and personalised, and Lewisham crematorium is a non-denominational facility so all religions and faiths are welcome.
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Verdant Lane, London, SE6 1TP
Telephone 020 8314 9633

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