East London Crematorium

As one of the older crematoriums, East London Crematorium has been serving the local area since 1872. Covering an impressive 33 acres, it is a huge site. Currently owned by Dignity Plc, the crematorium is located on Grange Road in Plaistow. One of the key benefits of this site is the sense of community that visitors feel when they arrive on site and the personalised service they receive from the dedicated staff at the crematorium. The Chapel from the 19th Century can accommodate a total of 70 mourners and there is standing room for a further 30 if this is required. Each of the Chapels has an organ or families can choose to play their own music if provided on CD before the service. If required, a taped audio version of the service can be provided on cassette if this is required by the family. The cremation chapel is non-denominational and has an elegant yet simple decoration. A range of memorial options are also available including rose gardens, private gardens, above ground ash plots or ribbon gardens. New developments to the site are planned which will provide families with an even greater choice of memorials.
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Contact information

Grange Road, Plaistow, London, E13 0HB
Telephone 020 7476 5109

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