East Riding Crematorium

In May 1997, East Riding Crematorium was opened with a key commitment of helping people as much as possible during what is often an upsetting time. Clients are treated with the utmost respect and you are provided with the right advice and guidance to help you plan a unique and personal service. The main area of the chapel seats 144 mourners and there are a further 50 located to the balcony area which can be used if required. The outdoor flower court is also available for use for additional space outdoors. The chapel caters for all faiths and beliefs so the service can be built to reflect your requirements. In addition there is a dedicated music system within the chapel which has an extensive library including 3,000 tracks, or if you prefer there is a traditional organ which can be used instead. Improvements have recently been made to the gardens of remembrance to make them even more a peaceful and comforting place of reflection.
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Octon Cross Road, Driffield, YO25 3BL
Telephone 0137 726 7604

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