Manor Park Crematorium

Located on Sebert Road, Forest Gate, Manor Park Crematorium is privately owned and has been built on traditional family values. With its own chapel, the crematorium will tailor each service to suit the specific requirements of the deceased and their family. Music can be incorporated into the service and as a non-denominational crematorium, a range of services can be delivered whether they are religious or non-religious. Following on from the cremation service, there are many different types of memorial options if you wish to create a lasting memorial for your loved one. There is a peaceful pavilion and Columbarium where memorials are available or you can choose a wall plaque. The Woodland Glade is always a popular choice where ashes can be scattered. The grounds are well maintained and feature a variety of trees, shrubs and colourful flowers, proving a certain element of comfort at a distressing time.
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Contact information

Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 0NP
Telephone 020 8534 1486

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