Downs Crematorium

Unlike many crematoria, Downs Crematorium on Bear Road in Brighton is located in a residential area. It was opened in 1941 on the same site as Brighton and Preston Cemetery. Although the crematorium is located in a residential area it still features two chapels and gardens of remembrance. The Chapels at Downs Crematorium can be booked depending on the size of the congregation. Service times run up to 45 minutes and you can arrange a service to reflect cultural, religious or non-religious beliefs, traditions and customs. Surrounding the crematorium are the gardens of remembrance where you can create a lasting memorial once the cremation service has concluded. On a clear day, the gardens offer stunning views down to the sea. Visitors to the crematorium are reminded that there are two entrances; the entrance from Bear Road is closest to the Crematorium. Access to the cemetery is via the entrance on Hartington Road.
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Contact information

Bear Road, Brighton, BN2 3PL
Telephone 0127 360 1601

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