Denbighshire Crematorium

Owned and operated by Memoria Limited, Denbighshire Crematorium opened in the Spring of 2016 providing a cremation facility and memorial park. Natural surroundings, a welcoming atmosphere and contemporary building provide everything that families need for a modern day funeral service. Services take place in the dedicated cremation chapel and bookings are allocated on an hourly basis, allowing 40 minutes for each service. The chapel currently has seating capacity for 100 mourners but the crematorium can accommodate larger congregations of up to 400 people. Technology has been incorporated into the chapel with plasma screens, disabled access, advanced music system and more to really make each cremation service unique and meaningful. For family and friends who are unable to attend the crematorium, the service can be live streamed securely over the internet via a web camera located in the chapel. On site waiting rooms are not available at the crematorium and mourners are asked not to arrive at the crematorium until 10 minutes before the service.
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Glascoed Road, St Asaph, LL17 0LG
Telephone 0174 553 0810

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