Chester Crematorium

Chester Crematorium is located within the grounds of Blacon cemetery on Blacon Avenue. The crematorium provides lasting memorials to all those who have been cremated at the crematorium. There are countless flowers, shrubs and trees which have been carefully cultivated for those who visit to reflect and remember. There are many ways in which a loved one can be remembered in the Book of Remembrance, Garden of Remembrance or memorial gardens. The crematorium is open throughout the year, between 8am and 7pm during April and September and 8am to 5pm between October and March. If you would like to access the Book of Remembrance room opening times are 8am to 7pm from April to September and 8am to 5pm between October and March. The book of remembrance can also be viewed online.
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Contact information

35 Blacon Ave, Blacon, Chester, CH1 5BB
Telephone 0124 497 2428

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