Cromer Crematorium

Following a period of meticulous planning and careful construction, Cromer Crematorium opened in January 2017, within the grounds of the towns existing cemetery. The crematorium building has been sympathetically constructed to blend in with the natural surroundings and environment. The chapel holds funeral services for every type of religion, belief or faith. Funeral services are scheduled to take place every hour allowing a full 30 minutes for the service. You can of course take more or less time depending on the elements of the service. Where you do require an extension this will incur an additional cost. The chapel is large enough to seat 100 mourners and can accommodate further people standing if this is required. For a more traditional service, there is a Viscount 23s organ which is available to use during the service. Visual displays can also be set up and synchronised with music if this is required.
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Holt Road, Norwich, NR27 9JJ
Telephone 0126 351 1106

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