Chichester Crematorium

Opened by the Bishop of Chichester in 1971 Chichester Crematorium is situated in grounds which cover a total of seven acres. The grounds are well maintained and feature some stunning surroundings including beautiful gardens. Funeral services require careful planning and a dignified and respectful approach. The staff at the crematorium will respect your wishes and try to include your requirements as much as possible in the service. The chapel is a good size which can accommodate large numbers of attendees. Service times at Chichester Crematorium last 30 minutes. Disabled access is also available and various facilities including hearing loops and disabled toilets are on site. Each service can be uniquely tailored to address your requirements reflecting both religious and cultural requests. Landscaped gardens surround the crematorium, offering a peaceful place to remember loved ones. A range of memorial options are available and the crematorium staff can help you choose a suitable site in the grounds.
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Contact information

Westhampnett Road, Chichester, PO19 7UH
Telephone 0124 378 7755

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