Chelmsford Crematorium

Chelmsford Crematorium offers a range of services including religious, humanist and non-religious. If you don’t wish to have any service this is also possible at the crematorium. For those who would like a service, there are two chapels; The North Chapel with seating for 26 and the South Chapel which is larger and has seating for 108. Cremation services can be tailored to suit. Music can be played using a Wesley Music System and a list of available tracks can be viewed in the online library. If your music of choice is not within the library, a request can be made to add commercially available music to the system. Alternatively there is an electric organ in both chapels, but arrangements will need to be made to provide an organist. You are also able to create visual tributes including photographs but this is only available in the South Chapel and may incur an additional fee. For those who are unable to attend, the service can be securely broadcast over the internet if required. Floral tributes will be removed after one week and are collected at 8am on the Monday following the service.
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Contact information

Writtle Road, Chelmsford, CM1 3BL
Telephone 0124 560 5630

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