Barnsley Crematorium

Barnsley crematorium is located in Ardsley on Doncaster Road and the crematorium has a number of facilities for the bereaved including memorials, a book of remembrance and gardens. The Garden of Remembrance is a peaceful place, and over the years the grounds have matured into the most beautiful gardens with rose beds, trees and shrubs. It offers the bereaved a place of comfort and peace providing quiet surroundings. Areas of lawn have been allocated for the scattering of ashes or internment if you prefer. The Garden of Remembrance is open each day and if you opt for a memorial in the grounds you can choose the site. The Book of Remembrance is open each day in the Flower Room which is situated close to the chapel. Vases for flowers are provided free of charge, but flowers are removed after seven days. During the summer season Barnsley crematorium is open from 08:45 through to 6:30pm and in the winter months, from 01 November through to 31 March, the crematorium is open between 08:45am and 4:30pm.
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Contact information

Doncaster Road, Barnsley, S71 5EH
Telephone 0122 620 6053

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