Banbury Crematorium

Established in 1999, Banbury Crematorium is currently managed by the London Cremation Company Plc and provides cremation services across London, Kent, Surrey and Oxfordshire. The Chapel at Banbury Crematorium has been carefully designed to offer a place of comfort and peace for the bereaved. The views from the chapel are some of the most picturesque that you can find, overlooking the Oxfordshire countryside. Within the chapel there is seating capacity for 100 mourners and it can be easily adapted to suit the requirements of individual funeral services. An induction loop system is available within the chapel for the hearing impaired and disabled parking facilities are available on site. Soft background music is played throughout the day and the chapel is accessible at any time when not in use for a service. A Book of Remembrance is located in the foyer and it is open every day of the year.
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Contact information

Hardwick Hill, Banbury, OX16 1ST
Telephone 0129 522 6500

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