Rainsbrook Crematorium

Owned and operated by Rugby Borough Council, Rainsbrook Crematorium provides bereaved families a range of facilities to hold a meaningful cremation service. Within the crematorium, there are two ceremony rooms; The Avon Room and the Drayton Room. You can choose either of these rooms to hold a full or partial service whether it is religious or civil. Both of the rooms feature classical organs and an organist can be provided at no extra charge. Whilst the organist is recommended for those that will be singing hymns during the service, there is also the choice to use the Vivedia music system which provides a vast selection of musical accompaniments to play during the service. Families are encouraged to plan a service that will not only provide a little comfort at a time of extreme sadness, but to also remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. Outside the crematorium there are more than 100 parking spaces.
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Contact information

Ashlawn Road, Rugby, CV22 5ET
Telephone 0178 853 3715

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