Aberystwyth Crematorium

Since it opened in 1994, Aberystwyth Crematorium has been providing funeral services to the local communities in the Cynfelyn Valley. The crematorium includes a range of local elements including stones from historical local buildings and is constructed in a design that reflects local welsh traditions. Funeral services at the chapel are held every 60 minutes throughout the day. Cremation services can last anywhere up to 30 minutes but if you require additional time, this can be arranged for a further fee. Funeral services can be planned in whatever way you wish to reflect your beliefs, customs and traditions. Being a non-denominational chapel, the crematorium can deliver a service that is in keeping with your cultural traditions or beliefs. The chapel is tastefully decorated providing a welcoming and warm atmosphere. There is seating for 86 people with further standing room where required. A modern music system is also available to accommodate many different musical tastes.
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Contact information

Closearach Road, Aberystwyth, SY23 3DG
Telephone 0197 062 6942

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