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Find funeral directors in Newcastle

There are over 250,000 people living in Newcastle and over 27 funeral directors operate in the area. These local independent funeral directors faithfully serve families in the community, delivering personal funeral services with efficiency and compassion. Beyond’s online comparison service is here to help you find the best funeral homes in Newcastle for your requirements. Simply click the profiles here to find out more about each of the businesses near you.

What kinds of funeral services are offered by Newcastle funeral directors?

Independent funeral directors understand that all families have their own individual needs and traditions, and they will always do their best to make your wishes a reality. Green funerals, visits and even horse-drawn hearses are all available, and all faiths are catered for. Long-established independent funeral directors in Newcastle like W Lauderdale & Son Funeral Services and Martin Rankin Funeral Directors can be trusted to walk you through the all the different funeral arrangement options available.

How much do funeral directors in Newcastle cost?

The average cost of a funeral In Newcastle is over £4,252, with burials costing around £4,677 and cremations costing over £3,827. Certain choices can impact costs considerably: simple "direct" cremations in the early morning are usually less expensive, for example. Ready to get started? Browse the profiles of funeral directors in Newcastle, compare their prices, read reviews and contact them directly here. There’s no need to pay anything now, and no obligation to go with any of the funeral homes you reach out to using this service.