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The Modern Funeral

Brighton, BN1 4NT

The Modern Funeral provides a highly personal, friendly funeral support throughout the entire funeral process for our clients in the Brighton area and beyond. We are caring and flexible funeral professionals who will listen to your needs and expectations and put together a bespoke plan of support just for you. We want you to be comfortable and confident in the way you choose to say goodbye. While none of our support is packaged, the following will give you an idea of some of our services: NO FUSS - We offer cost-effective no fuss options that separate the necessary practical parts, leaving you some space to create a meaningful event in your own time. Even if you opt to keep it simple, our services remain flexible, so you can still choose to come along and bear witness on the day You might want to spend a little time in the chapel, perhaps listen to a favourite song, offer some single stem flowers, or carry the coffin yourselves. DIRECT-IT-YOURSELVES - If you want to take charge of more yourselves then we can simply provide transport services, provision of coffin, support with the paperwork, or care of the body as separate services. We can support you to keep your dead person at home. Our experience can help you through this important experience as smoothly as possible. MODERN FUNERALS AND BESPOKE ASSISTANCE - If you’d like us to help you create a very personal, meaningful funeral for you and yours of any theme, shape or size, then we have a talented ceremonial team who will listen to all your wants and desires and help you construct the perfect event. Listening to your stories, we can write and present the funeral if you wish, or support you to do so yourselves. We can also support with all the practical logistics and event management - co-ordinating any live music requirements, facilitating any artistic or craft elements, multimedia aspects or printed materials. We can help you make the best of things and ensure that everything looks, feels and sounds just right on the day. There are no rules. You can hold a funeral anywhere - a beautiful natural burial ground, a chapel, a pub or a local arthouse cinema. We are experts in managing the details of the funeral. We work hard to bring everyone together to lend support to one another and have the best possible experience. If you want to know more about our services and how we can make the arranging process a smooth one for you, then please don’t hesitate to fill in the form on this page and submit it back to us. One of our compassionate and caring team of funeral professionals will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We here to lend an ear and some advice.

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This funeral director can be found at Brighton, BN1 4NT
Services & support offered
Facilities and support
  • Support line
  • Ongoing bereavement support
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  • Home visits
  • Visiting the deceased
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  • Service chapel
    Additional cost to quote
  • Free parking
  • DWP support
  • Same sex care
  • Out of hours collection
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  • Nationwide repatriation
    Additional cost to quote
  • International repatriation
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  • Care at home
  • Family participation
  • Order of service sheets
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  • Newspaper notices
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  • Green eco funeral
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  • Video cast funeral
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Multi faith
  • Roman Catholic
  • Church of England
  • Hindu
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sikh
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Wood, Standard Coffin
1 Limousine
Classic Hearse
Woodvale Crematorium, BN2 3QB
0127 308 3935
24-hour personal support available