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Go Simply Funerals - Swindon

Swindon, SN5 6QR
3 reviews

goSimply funerals are local and independent and create and manage beautiful services for a fixed price. we create beautifully individualized funeral services at fixed prices offering you the best value for money in town!. We know that it isn't all just about price and offer a variety of options for all tastes and budgets - from the simplest direct cremations and simple family services to traditional services - where all the extras come as standard - and if there is something that you want that doesn't fit neatly into one of our packages then let us know and we will arrange it for you at cost price (the price we pay is the price that you will pay) We are local independent funeral directors and undertakers and we think we know what's important in a funeral. It isn't the flowers, fancy coffins or expensive hearse, but a thoughtful & personal service designed just for your family. We don't really like phrases like "budget funeral", or even "low price funeral" - we offer phenomenal value for money for a truly beautiful funeral from an independent local undertaker - have a look at the photos for some idea of the work that we do - every funeral is unique and special and we are proud of each and everyone. Not all funeral directors and undertakers are the same and certainly don't want to be like all the rest. Open, with fair pricing, we give the best possible service for the lowest cost. Many people have never heard the phrase "that was the best funeral I have ever been to" or "That was amazing" or even thank you - if we don't hear that every time then we haven't done our job properly. Covering Swindon and all surrounding areas Angela and Kevin are happy to take your call and talk about your wishes - simple or something more complicated - just call and ask us!

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This funeral director can be found at Swindon, SN5 6QR

3 reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Simon Peacey
5 Without a doubt. Kevin and Angela were amazing from the first phone call. My mum passed 5 days before Christmas, a bad time for more than the obvious reasons. Waiting on certificates and such, there was a chance that my mum would have been left in the hospital over the holidays. Kevin assured me he would take care of us and they did. Mum was picked up on Christmas Eve and it put a lot of minds at rest. Angela did a fantastic job on the service, tailor made to reflect who my mum was. Was even happy to listen to feedback and rewrite at a moment's notice. Together, they took care of us all and we had a service that I know my mum would be proud of. Peaceful, elegant and personal. So glad I rung them first.
Michelle Neath
I thought your service was beautiful and really respectful of family's feelings I want to say thank you so very much
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Latest obituaries from this funeral director:
William Lynch
William Lynch
1944 - 2019, aged 75
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