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Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors (Dignity PLC)

Horsham, RH12 4BJ

Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors, located in Horsham, is a branch of the large corporation, Dignity PLC. Although Dignity branches use local family names such as Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors, this is usually just for marketing effect. Behind the facade, it's a corporate national chain. Dignity are generally significantly more expensive than the average funeral director (see blog post below). They do not publish their prices transparently online, so we gathered all their paper pricing sheets and uploaded them into our website format for easy comparison. The pricing is accurate, to our knowledge, as of 06 December 2017 and we will update it as soon as we receive notice of any price changes.

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This funeral director can be found at Horsham, RH12 4BJ
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Wood, Standard Coffin
1 Limousine
Classic Hearse
Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, RH10 3NQ
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