Whitley Bay Crematorium

Whitley Bay Crematorium is currently managed by Newcastle Council and is situated within well maintained grounds. The staff at the crematorium aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that offers a certain degree of comfort at what is so often a difficult and distressing time. The chapel has a range of facilities allowing you to make the service unique and tailored to reflect your wishes. As the crematorium is non denominational it welcomes all religions and the staff will help you plan a suitable cremation service taking into account the religious or non religious beliefs of the deceased and their family. Each funeral is allocated a 45 minute period which includes 30 minutes for the service. If you think that you may need extra time this can be booked in advance provided that the crematorium is not already booked immediately afterward. Cremations take place Monday to Friday. Saturday mornings can be booked for an additional fee.
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Contact information

Blyth Road, Whitley Bay, NE26 4NH
Telephone 0191 643 6070

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