Weston Mill Crematorium

Weston Mill Crematorium is currently owned and managed by Plymouth City Council. As a non-denominational crematorium, the facility caters for all beliefs, customs and traditions. The Chapel is quite large, accommodating 100 mourners. There is also additional space in the chapel for people to stand. As the staff at the crematorium recognise the importance of creating a personalised service, families can incorporate a number of elements into the service. A traditional electric organ and organist are available or you can make use of the public address system and free music which is provided for the service. For larger congregations, the service can be broadcast to an outdoor covered area so that people can still see and hear the service if they are not in the chapel. Visual tributes can be displayed during the service but this does incur an additional fee. Disabled access is available throughout the crematorium and there is also an induction loop system where required.
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Contact information

Ferndale Road, Weston Mill, Plymouth, PL2 2EP
Telephone 0175 230 4837

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