Efford Crematorium

Efford Crematorium is located within Efford Cemetery and it was opened as a crematorium in 1934. The Chapel at Efford Cemetery is a peaceful and tranquil place to hold a cremation service and being non-denominational it can accommodate many different beliefs, religions and customs. The crematorium is currently owned by Plymouth City Council so any queries should be directed at the crematorium team who should be able to address any questions or queries. If you arrive early for the service, you can make use of the waiting room in the crematorium. The Chapel has seating for 70 people. There is also an electric organ and organist available upon request or if you prefer you can provide your own music which is played through the state of the art public address system. For a small fee, audio and/or video recordings can be made of the service or it can be streamed live online for those who cannot attend the service in person.
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Contact information

109 Efford Road, Plymouth, PL3 6NG
Telephone 0175 230 6104

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