Thorncliffe Crematorium

Opened in 1962, Thorncliffe Crematorium, also known as Barrow Crematorium has managed over 40,000 cremations. Services take place Monday to Friday and they are allocated a 45 minute slot, with a 30 minute service and then 15 minutes to enter and leave the chapel at the start and end of the service. Additional time can be booked at an extra charge. The crematorium offers both non-religious and religious services and the organist is part of the cremation fee. CD players are also available if friends or family wish to play their own music at the service. Cremated remains can be either interred in small graves along with a headstone, kerbstone or tablet depending on your requirements. If you wish to take the cremated remains away for private scattering or burial this can be arranged as required. Thorncliffe Crematorium also has a ‘Glade of Remembrance’ which is a dedicated area next to the crematorium where cremated remains can be scattered.
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Devonshire Road, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 5PD
Telephone 0122 987 6542

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