Lancaster & Morecambe Crematorium

Serving Lancashire and the surrounding area, Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium has been providing cremation services since it opened in 1963. Surrounded by 14 acres of countryside, the crematorium is conveniently located for Lancashire and the surrounding areas. The chapel is a good size with more than enough seating for funeral services with larger numbers of attendees. The crematorium allocates a maximum of 45 minutes to each service, and allow you to really tailor the service to incorporate readings, music and more. The site also includes gardens of remembrance which have been carefully designed to blend in as much as possible with the surrounding countryside. Roses, private gardens and plaques are available for memorials and the crematorium staff are available to show you around the various gardens at any time so you can choose a suitable memorial for your loved one. 24 hour access is available to the gardens of remembrance and there are 62 car parking spaces in the on-site car park.
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Powder House Lane, Lancaster, LA2 6AD
Telephone 0152 484 8394

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