The Vale Crematorium

The Vale Crematorium opened in 1959 and since this time it has undergone a series of change including a recent refurbishment. Following on from the recent improvements, the crematorium now offers families two separate areas to hold cremation services, providing a small and a large chapel depending on the size of the congregation. Within both of the chapels there are now high quality sound systems to play music requests throughout the service and there is also a facility to broadcast the service over the internet for people who are unable to make the service in person on the day. Friendly and knowledgeable staff from Luton Council are available to ensure that all of your wishes are respected and cremation services are unique and meaningful. In non-public areas in the crematorium, disabled access is unavailable.
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Contact information

The Vale/Butterfield Green Road, Luton, LU2 8DD
Telephone 0158 272 3700

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