Harwood Park Crematorium

The staff at Harwood Park Crematorium are there to create and maintain a calm and reassuring atmosphere at what is often a difficult time for the bereaved. The chapel is situated within colourful and well tended memorial gardens which are situated within open countryside, providing a peaceful setting to remember loved ones. The staff at Harwood Park are always accommodating and happy to discuss the options available to you for the cremation service. Each service is carefully planned to make sure that it is personal and unique. Music can be played at the funeral service and personal collections can be played. An extensive music library is available containing more than 2,000 pieces of music. Hymns or classical music can also be played from a collection of 100 pieces of organ music. Facilities are also available for the service to be recorded onto audio tape if this is required.
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Watton Road, Datchworth, Stevenage, SG2 8XT
Telephone 0143 881 5555

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