Daldowie Crematorium

Currently managed by Glasgow City Council, Daldowie Crematorium is a non-denominational facility which can be used by people from all faiths. The crematorium is located in beautiful surroundings and it provides a peaceful resting place. The remembrance gardens are maintained to the highest standards featuring flower beds, carefully pruned shrubs and rose bushes many of which have been dedicated to the memory of loved ones. The chapels are designed to meet the requirements of the bereaved. Services can be conducted by anyone and don’t necessarily require a religious leader. Services at the crematorium are restricted to an hour but this does include time for arrival and departure at the beginning and end of the cremation service. A Vivedia System provides the music as well as web casting facilities for family members who are unable to make the service in person.
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Contact information

Broom House, 17 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, G71 7RU
Telephone 0141 287 3973

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