St Helens Crematorium

St Helens Crematorium was opened to provide the local community with respectful and dignified funeral services for those who wish to have their loved ones cremated. There is an option for a full service that will negate the need to organise a service at a church or other place of worship. There is also the committal service, which is a shorter service that will commit the deceased to be cremated. This particular service is usually carried out after a church or place of worship service. The crematorium not only has a well decorated and maintained chapel that is the ideal place to say goodbye. But it also has a number of options when it comes to creating a memorial for your loved one. This includes memorial trees, memorial seats, a book of remembrance and also memorial plaques.
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Contact information

Rainford Road, St Helens, WA10 6DF
Telephone 0174 467 7406

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