South Essex Crematorium

South Essex Crematorium is located in Upminster, situated within beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds. The well cared for gardens have been a place of comfort and quiet reflection for local people for a number of years. Tasteful architecture and peaceful surroundings create a welcoming atmosphere. The crematorium building opened in 1957 and since this time the crematorium has undertaken many different types of services. Families are welcome to visit the grounds at any time. There are two chapels at the crematorium, both of which are non-denominational which means that they can be used for religious or non-religious services. One of the chapels are suitable for larger congregations while the other is more suited to smaller numbers of attendees. The majority of families choose one of these chapels to suit their requirements when they book in a cremation service. However these can also be used to hold a memorial service if this is required.
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Contact information

Ockendon Road, Upminster, RM14 2UY
Telephone 0170 843 4433

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