Seven Hills Crematorium

Seven Hills Crematorium aim to provide a meaningful and sensitive cremation service that reflects the wishes of the deceased and their family. Planning a cremation service is a difficult time and the staff aim to deliver a professional, warm and welcoming service to make the process as easy as possible. The buildings, grounds, chapel and memorial gardens have all been designed to create a peaceful location where you can remember loved ones. The staff endeavour to provide the best possible service accommodating traditional religious services through to alternative methods of saying farewell. The crematorium has a range of facilities including hearing loops, baby changing facilities and more than 200 car parking spaces. For larger congregations the service can be screened into the waiting room where attendees can see and hear the service on screen. The first funeral service each day begins at 9am and they run at 45 minute intervals until the last service at 4:30pm.
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Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, IP10 0FG
Telephone 0147 365 5614

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