Colchester Crematorium

Since it opened in 1957, more than 97,000 funeral services have been held at Colchester Crematorium. The building itself is nestled at the centre of some truly beautiful surroundings, making it a peaceful and comforting place, within a 6 acre garden of remembrance. The crematorium chapel has seating for over 120 people with additional space for standing. A Wesley music system is available to provide musical accompaniments to the service, allowing you to choose a fitting musical tribute to your loved one. The Wesley System also enables the service to be recorded on either CD or DVD if this is something that you require. For a more traditional service, an organ is available if you would like to provide your own organist. The crematorium has a number of features including a loop system, large print hymn and service books, wheelchairs, level access and a comfortable waiting room. Services within the crematorium are 45 minutes apart allowing 30 minutes for each service. Where required, a double length service can be booked for an additional fee.
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Contact information

Mersea Road, Colchester, CO2 8RU
Telephone 0120 628 2950

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